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Address: The Lighthouse, 98 Liverpool Road, Formby, Liverpool, L37 6BS

Contacts: (📧) | 0170 427 2727 (☎)

Firm: Acorn Insurance (aka: AcornInsurance) | Part of: Acorn Insurance and Financial Services Ltd

Launched: 1981 | Licence: 311873

Opening Hours (Quotes): Mon/Fri (9am-9pm), Sat (9am-5.30pm) | 0170 427 2727

Opening Hours (Support): Mon/Fri (9am-7pm), Sat (9am-5.30pm) | Phone: 0170 427 0032

Product: Not Defaqto Rated | Promoted: Competitive private car insurance, even if you have a conviction.

Reviews: 94% (260+ count)

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Last Update: Checked September 9th, 2018.

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Acorninsurance # I have tryed to get delivery insurance from this company.First day i understand them system gone down...they got my number and told me we will call u bacl as soon as system came back....

Next day in the morning 9.30am i have called them and they said we are very bussy we will call u back i asked what time they said in 2 hours,11.30am no body call me i called again they said we are bussy im afraid we cant help you please wait call from us ..i asked how long another 1 hours,again called 12.30pm at the same time i speak them online website by chat....and on the phone guy been so horrible by shoutting me and not letting me talk he said` we are bussy dont you understand us we willl call you back and wait phone ,i have been stressfull coz already been wait over 5 hours and still no1 contact me,and i spoke with someone again over wesbtie chat,she said they will call u now,and finally 1 person called me and got my details and said same thing wait to call ffrom us ..i said how long he said maximum 2 hours,2 hours gone nobody call me again and i called them the lady said we are so bussy we cant help u and i said how long 1 hour and we put you first in quee phone for calling u,30 minute...still nobody call me...and again i have call the guy told me 5.30pm we will definllty call you back and 5.30 pm nobody call me back....and i have called them and the answer was the department you are calling is closed we are open on monday we will call you monday

This is like a joke,they make waste alll my full day and they told me dont make bussy your phone we will call you,imagen how stresfull i am ...they just played with me maybe they are racicm coz they understand im foreign and didnt want to help...but whatever happend this company should come back to me with HUGE SORRY from each person who was taking pist with me that day...i dont wantmoney waitting to each staff that day call me saying sorry 10 times....and every hours they have to call me for sayign sorry....they cant treat people like this...its discousting...its unbelive i,are they realy RACISM or are they realy taking is pist with people ?

it was very simple to say we dont want to give our price for insurance go look somewhere else,or give me some time and call me that time....but they dont save promise ,they keep playing round with me

im so angry and stressfully i never been so stressfull in my life they have just waste all my day ....nobody cant bring this day but maybe the people who want to get insurance from ACORN INSURANCE have read my honest experince which i dont recommend please keeep away from this cmpany